We are a team of young artists working in an unusual technique. Our works are displayed on this site.

We are passionate about everything new and modern and at the same time we like to explore the past in search of the images and symbols that withstood the test of time.


We like black and white photos for their laconism and simplicity, which at the same time allow a master to emphasize the most important idea of his creation and, using a deceptively limited expressive means, to seize viewer's attention, making the imagination work. While including in our works three-dimensional elements, using modern technology and a huge amount of hand work, we create a new form, sometimes amplifying the sound of the main theme, sometimes shifting the focus and allowing a viewer to look at the world in a new way.

We have a small exhibition space at the first floor of Rosstroyexpo pavilion No.15 at 30 Frunzenskaya embarkment in Moscow, where you can see some of our works.